Taruna Rathod

Taruna Rathod is a versatile talent, known for her compelling portrayal of characters on the popular television show "Crime Patrol" since 2003. Beyond her acting prowess, she boasts a diverse background that reflects her adventurous spirit and determination.

Starting her career as a flight attendant in the prestigious Inflight Services division at Jet Airways (I) Ltd., Taruna Rathod soared through the skies, serving passengers with grace and professionalism. Her passion for aviation led her to pursue further studies in flying planes at the renowned All Asia Aviation Academy in the Philippines, where she honed her skills in the cockpit.

Taruna's multifaceted interests extend beyond acting and aviation. She is also an accomplished equestrian, demonstrating her affinity for horses and the equestrian arts. This dynamic blend of experiences speaks volumes about her adventurous and industrious nature, embodying the essence of a true renaissance individual.

You can catch glimpses of Taruna Rathod's captivating life journey and artistic endeavors on her Instagram profile (@spitfire0809), where she shares moments of her acting endeavors, aviation adventures, and equestrian pursuits, offering fans a glimpse into the life of a multifaceted talent.

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