Neetu Pandey

Neetu Pandey, also known as Neetu Pande in some works, is a versatile actress recognized for her appearances across various television series and films. Her contributions span a wide range of roles and genres, showcasing her talent and versatility in the Indian entertainment industry.

Her notable appearances in television series include:

  1. "C.I.D." (1998-2011): Neetu Pandey portrayed diverse characters such as Sushma, Rohan's Younger Son's Wife, Neha, and other roles within this long-running investigative crime series.
  2. "Crime Patrol" (2011-2020): Neetu Pandey featured in multiple episodes portraying characters like Zarina Khan, Rukmani Apte, Shabana Khan, and several others, contributing to the show's crime-based narratives.
  3. "Savdhaan India: Crime Alert" (2012): She appeared in various episodes, participating in stories that focused on crime-related incidents and societal issues.

Her filmography also includes a range of films:
  1. "Satyameva Jayate 2" (2021): Neetu Pandey portrayed the character of Sheetal's mother in this movie.
  2. "Baabarr" (2009): Neetu Pandey played the role of Jillani's Wife in this film.
  3. "Main, Meri Patni... Aur Woh!" (2005): Neetu Pandey appeared as a member of Veena's Family in this movie.
Moreover, her recent works in television series include roles in:
  1. "Shrimad Ramayan" (2024): Portrayed the character Kaikasi in an episode of this TV series.
  2. "Lohardaga" (2023): Essayed the role of Manu's Mother.
  3. "Imlie" (2022): Played the character Narmada Rathore in several episodes of this TV series.
  4. "Naach Baiju Naach" (2022): Appeared as Kajri.
  5. "Ajeeb Daastaans" (2021): Portrayed the character Manju.
Neetu Pandey's versatility and range in portraying various characters across television series and films illustrate her acting prowess and dedication to her craft within the Indian entertainment sphere.



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